Monday, July 2, 2012

I once hid in a wine cellar with Dabney Coleman... and I don't know why?!

Im watching 9 to 5 while I eat dinner which reminds me of the time I hid in a wine cellar with Dabney Coleman. I was 22 I think and I was at Dan Tanas in L.A. Long story short I was sitting in a booth with only THE PRINCIPAL FROM THE BREAKFAST CLUB and Dabney Coleman. The restaurant is almost totally empty and Im sitting there with just Dabney because the principal from the Breakfast Club left and my friend who knew them both was at the bar. It was AWKWARD but WHATEVER. I have no idea what to do / say. So I just say "You were in Cloak and Dagger, right?" because its was one of my childhood best friends favorite movies so we'd rent it when I slept over his house and it was all I could think of that we had in common!? He gives me a short "Yes." Gulp... not sure what to say AT ALL. I'd never met a famous person. I was wearing a RAYON black and white large print checkerboard shirt I bought at CONTEMPO CASUALS in MINNESOTA I think because I was a child and POOR and believe it or not back then you had to shop at women's stores to get clothes that had stretch to them because they simply did not exist, in fact the first time I bought a knit (with stretch) shirt at the Calvin Klein OUTLET in VERMONT my mom said "That looks like girls clothes!" anyhow the clothes from CONTEMPO always fit terrible but I had YOUTH so it didn't matter, in fact it was probably attractive because the TRYORY and SHITTINESS of it all was probably CHARMING. (Short story just got long) Anyways, were sitting in one of those big booths. Dabney says "Those people over there are waiting for me, they want to come over. Come with me downstairs so we can wait them out." So of course I do. He didn't do anything at all, not even a sideways glance, but WHO HIDES WITH A GAY KID IN A WINE CELLAR??? Any time Ive ever mentioned this people look at me like I'm crazy and that he clearly wanted head. I mean now I look back and think the same thing, but nothing even happened! He wasn't even creepy. I dunno, maybe I was just TOO naive and he was like "Oh brother this kid does NOT GET IT." ... I wonder.. The dude is straight and married and has kids, but that doesn't mean anything, but I actually don't think he wanted head but who the hell asks to hide with a VERY GAY KID in a CELLAR???!! What just happened?! Where'd the principal from The Breakfast Club go?!

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Martha Stewart said...

Oh David,

Dear, dear David, do NOT get me started on the number of nights I have NOT had sex with Dabney Coleman.

I mean talk about a clitoris-tease...I think Dolly taught him that move.

Your sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot Martha Stewart