Monday, July 2, 2012


Last night I enjoyed and early dinner of CHICKEN FINGERS and MAC AND CHEESE and a WHITE WINE SPRITZER (Thats why Im Continental, I learned about VITE VINE SCHPRITZAHs in Vienna in 99'. They drink them to SOBER UP! This was my FIRST TIME having one at home. I felt VERY mature.) This was all enjoyed while watching RUPAUL. If I turn on the tv and Rupaul isn't on Logo I exclaim "Tv's BROKE!" in my GRUB VOICE, and turn it off.
I then enjoyed patriotic cupcakes and ATE THEM FOR MY COUNTRY! I bought them for many reasons. 1. Im a cow. 2. I love America. 3. That ring is fierce, remember that Viktor and Rolf collection from like 2001 that these are totally serving, literally? Don't think Im not saving those rings to glue on a pastie or something, they will be used! Im KRAFTY that way and watch they'll end up in V magazine or something and they came from FOOD EMPORIUM. Intuitive Improvisation is the key to genius!

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