Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOOh, My Muto came! In its special edition Slick It Up case no less!

You can get one HERE. Exterface really did an incredible job. Its awesome, the print quality is very nice and its bigger then I thought as well. Matthieu is the most angel faced nymph I think Ive ever seen, and Ive seen a lot a nymphs. After shooting for Slick It Up with Exterface he got snatched up by Mugler AND Pierre et Gilles?! If he plays his cards right he'll be a movie star next week.


Lucien said...

I can't wait for mine !!!!

Lucien said...

This is one of the most eagerly anticipated photo books in amny mnay publishing ventues . I am elated to have a hear of its release - Its a must have - I hope its not Sold Out like all of SIU gear in two days ! :-)