Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peanut Butter by Rupaul.. featuring Big Freedia

Stick your finger in the PEANUT BUTTER to hear the song of summer 2012
Its the fourth of July lets CELEBRATE AMERICAN CULTURE!!! Now PEANUT BUTTER has been in my brain since like 99' I had a friend in school who said HER FRIEND saw RUPAUL sing this RHYME somewhere and then she sang it for me and I NEVER FORGOT IT. So Im very happy this was turned into a song that will soon by remixed by 17 djs. This song is the edited version, but let me share with you the UN-EDITED VERSION as I knew it... PEANUT BUTTER HEAD, SUCK MY DICK! MAMAS IN THE KITCHEN COOKIN TWENTY MINUTE SHIT! DADDY'S IN JAIL, RAISIN' HELL! AND YOURE SISTERS ON THE CORNER CALLIN "PUSSY FOR SALE!" "PUSSY FOR SALE!" "PUSSY FOR SALE!" YEAH, YOUR SISTERS ON THE CORNER CALLIN, "PUSSY FOR SALE!" I imagine Ru read this on a bathroom wall or if she was forced to play little league like I was on the wall of the dugout. One that I learned and sang which much delight as a child was: Aint yo mama pretty! She's got meatballs on her TITTY She's got scrambled eggs, between her LEGS! Aint yo mama pretty!

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ARTsmart said...

I think there is footage of either rupaul or Larry tee singing this on one of the Nelson Sullivan downtown tapes. It's not featured as a performance in the video. Someone is just saying it into a bullhorn in the streets. But like you, I only had to hear it once to commit it to memory. What is it about this random statement that sticks?