Saturday, July 7, 2012

This scene is very important!!!!

The cantina scene in Star Wars is important to me because it said to me "LEAVE TOWN AND GO SEE FREAKY STUFF BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!" Thats all. It said if you travel you will find a WEIRDO JUST LIKE YOU, and POTENTIALLY even a HANDSOME ONE?! Its basically a GAY BAR, there are NO WOMEN, they SPECIFICALLY show a FULL QUEEN smoking a cigarette, and even as a LITTLE KID I was like THATS A FULL QUEEN! Straight bars do not mix like this, nor do they play fun music. This scene deserves more credit. Thank you George Lucas for sparking my imagination and getting me into WEIRDOS AND TRANNIES AND MONSTERS! ps, those two twin women don't count because i THINK they were added in post just like the other aliens that weren't there in the original. I just couldn't get a clip of the original, and even if they were there nobody likes to play twinsies more then trannies!


wavingpalms said...

Plus, it must be pointed out, Han Solo is EVEN MORE THAN gay-married?

(When I was a kid, I loved this because it was awesome- my parents loved it because my uncle owned the drive-in and it was a great way to get a two-year-old to SHUT UP for a couple of hours, for FREE)


wavingpalms said...

Hahaha and I just remembered another feeling I had- that C-3PO was NAKED. And he seemed to KNOW IT, and was a little embarrassed?