Saturday, August 18, 2012

As an American I find that British people have a strange concept of moderation, usually this concept is to not have any.

Going to clubs in London is the best time but also is totally strange. Why?, because as an American its surprising to see people do ALL OF THE DRUGS AVAILABLE AT THE SAME TIME. Its that simple. The KICKER is that CRYSTAL METH is sorta "new" there and they don't know how rotten it is. Or they at least don't have the history or knowledge about it that we do. Ive often talked to people at a club and they actually are on crystal and think its cute like coke or something.. Just a TIP... IT ISNT. I think this is just because the UK, or Europe in general, doesn't have the Puritanical relationship to vices that we do. We enjoy vices but they all are BAD to us so we exercise moderation. If you do not exercise moderation in the US we call you an ALCOHOLIC but in the UK its just a "person who enjoys a drink." I know they have AA there as some of my best friends are in it so they're not totally oblivious but culturally they're a lot more loose about it. Which I think is a good thing actually but that attitude worked better for booze and coke but now that crystal is on the scene you can't have that attitude. Three gays apparently died last weekend in London... thats A LOT. Whats funny is I listen to British radio every day and they don't do public service announcements like we do. Like the U.S is very educational about drugs, drinking, cancer, heart disease. I think a lot of Brits just don't ever get the education about drugs to know they're so bad. I mean its MANY things, being on a ROCK, stuck under a CLOUD, in the FOG, surrounded by salt water, makes for a more popular nightclub culture but what cracks me up is the radio plays PSA's about not PARTYING ON A BALCONY and how food bacteria can CAUSE ARTHRITIS?! They're more about PSA's about WEIRD ACCIDENTS and OBSCURE PROBLEMS as opposed to MASSIVE EPIDEMICS. Just how many people fell off a balcony last year that they needed an ad telling you not to do it complete with the sound effects of a party going on and a girl FALLING AND SCREAMING OFF A BALCONY! Click here to hear the ad. Its not as exciting but spend the money on meth ads, its a better pay off in the end!


Mathieu said...

So true. This is their message for all those addled queens on holiday last weekend in Barcelona

Unknown said...

REALLY? as a english guy you are talking BULLSHIT. so you have been on a holiday there, so what, don't mean you know about being english or their outlook on life, maybe you should take your dumb ass out of the nightclubs and join real life.......fucking retard.

Mike X Mariner said...

As a Brit I find your comments very interesting. Most Americans hate socialism but enjoy what we call being "nannied". We can see the purpose of socialism and can appreciate its good points, like healthcare, but do not like being nannied.
Glad you like clubbing in London. Wish I was younger and could do it again.
Best wishes.