Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Next week 8/27 on Slick It Up.... Gold Star Stroke and Change Shorts?!?!?!!

Gold Star Stroke and Change Shorts. Whaaaaa?! Yes. The new Gold Star Shorts are all you've ever needed in life! These "stroke and change" color sequin shorts rule! See the link below for a live demonstration! By rubbing your hand, or someone else rubbing their hand, over the shorts the sequins flip over from ELECTRIC PURPLE to GOLD?! You can wear them mostly gold , mostly purple, or an ombre effect of one fading to the other. You can even write your name in them if you wanted. Wearing these in a club or bar where its low lighting is amazing because they just pick up the light and sparkle like a pile of magic treasure! Nobody else in the world makes these and the material is expensive, hence our price, but you're worth it! They have extra deep pockets so your stuff doesn't fall out, but no zipper because we cant do a zipper with the sequins. Black athletic mesh stripes on the side and hemline give an athletic element to the shorts which balances out the flash of the sequins so they're not only the boldest of statement pieces but also sexy and masculine, a flashy yet secure kinda masculine that we appreciate. The drawstring waistband of the shorts has gold plated toggles and is the materials natural edge so it varies slightly and, like all our product, they're sewn here in New York City. . Available in two sizes: Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (32" /81cm), and Medium/Large (33" / 83.8cm) to (36" / 91.4 cm)

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