Sunday, August 5, 2012

Im so excited for Rupauls Drag Race All Stars my eyeballs are gonna melt!

Tammy Brown?!... Raven AND Chad Michaels?! Manilla Luzon wearing a custom Slick It Up suit in the intro?! OOOOOH! I finally have reason to turn the tv on. I love Rus hair in the promo?!!! Its TOTALLY Kimmy Carnes! Im freaked out by Mimi ImFurst though.. She reminds me of the guy who was obsessed with Bjork and shaved his head and made the giant book that when you opened it would explode super toxic acid in your face. He sent her the book then killed himself on camera. Luckily someone found the video before she opened it. I believe it was actually caught by Icelandic officials very close to it being delivered to her. I imagine its why she went ape shit bananas on the paparazzi guy who went near her kids and I totally don't blame her at all.

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