Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Purple Python stretch shorts

The new Purple Python stretch Shorts are mega awesome. Get them at Slick It Up. description from the site: Our shorts always sell out quickly for very legitimate reasons that are beyond just the fact that they look amazing. These are our best shorts yet! They're made from an ultra premium grade photo-realistic purple python spandex imported from Italy. The material is super comfortable and very very stretchy and very light weight. You can do anything in these shorts! We love them for leg day at the gym as they're very light weight and because they stretch so much they don't bind or get in the way while do deep stretches. You could kick box in these quite comfortably. If Ninjas could, ninjas would wear these shorts! They have zipper pockets so you don't get pick pocketed at a club or have to worry about your phone and wallet falling out when you do the bench press. They have a drawstring with gold plated toggles and an athletic mesh stripe down each side. You will get so many compliments on these shorts we promise, and you've never owned a more comfortable pair. They feel as sexy as they look. Please note that because of material supply limitations in Italy these shorts are special edition and in very limited quality. These shorts cannot be made again so in all honesty if you like them get them if/while you can as there will not be any more and as much as we love you for your support were not giving you ours! Due to the elastic waist and drawstring the shorts comes in two sizes, Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (32" /81cm), and Medium/Large (33" / 83.8cm) to (36" / 91.4 cm

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