Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympics recap and closing ceremonies....

The closing ceremonies was more watchable then the opening for sure. Though I did walk away often where I didn't from the opening ceremonies. Why did the opening ceremonies not have a giant clear octopus?! No ACTUAL David Bowie at the finale, but a tribute??... peculiar as he's not dead. The Pet Shop Boys and Annie Lennox were fun. Brazils intro as the next host was SO CHEAP?! The HOMELESS MAN with the light bulb cape that wouldn't work, and gross creme make up?! The super model lady who's not really a model but a Victorias Secret model I felt sorry for. They had her done up like some tacky pageant queen... Oooof Brazil looked CHEAP, which you expect, but REALLY at the biggest ceremony in the world you're still gonna be cheap? Thats surprising to me, they're not ALL cheap, they're not ALL poor. Was Britain responsible for Rios show? If so then I get it. I mean why spend $$$ to make another nation look better? Im assuming Britain would never spend a FARTHING on someone else's show and that they would demand Brazil pay but who knows maybe theres some contractual obligation to pay for the next countries segue which is why it looks like it cost 85 dollars and coconut to pay for.... This is what I remember from the Olympics. The little american gymnast who looks like a baby Heidi Klum doing a fierce spring board thing was very impressive, in fact it was the best Ive ever seen on that. It was practically magic. This was the first time I saw gymnasts on the American team not wear red, white, and blue. Water polo players are hotter then I knew and act like hot douchebags. Womens court volleyball was cooler then I knew and very watchable. It was the worst opening ceremonies of all time but a beautiful torch thing. Danel whatever was hot but not hot enough for me to remember his name apparently, like I did with Alexy Neimov. Actually Im wrong. I think Danel is hotter then Alexy, Im just more jaded, I can't remember anything else.

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