Sunday, August 12, 2012

Should I die while crossing the street.....a VIDEO TOMBSTONE

I want a VIDEO TOMBSTONE. Just a screen that will repeat clips of things I like WITH SOUND. This is actually a REALLY GOOD IDEA!! So when people speak of me, or miss me, they can just click the link, and my spirit is THERE. Though an ACTUAL video tombstone would be awesome. I grew up playing in a swamp inside of a grave yard so I see a grave yard as a form of display space. A place you can sort of "leave a mark" if you so choose. I used to love to read the tombstones. The best one I think was a family that their tombstones were tree trunks made of marble, the father being the largest and tallest and then the rest of the family were STUMPS CUT DOWN! Should any of this happen I want this clip to start the clips and turn on once you walk up to it.... I could watch this on repeat for at least a solid 15 minutes. All I wanna be is Baron Samedi on a train freaking the fuck out of people whilst I laugh maniacally in faggoty repose.

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