Saturday, August 18, 2012

You may not expect it, but Im totally turned on by this drawing. Id totally blow him.

My old bf used to yell at me saying I like "Old fat men!" I don't like fat at all but thick and solid and APE LIKE is hot to me, but I need it to be solid. If its loose its not hot.
Ive seen illustrations by this guy before but I dunno who it is. He should sign his illustrations. If you know who it is let me know :)


Damien said...

If that's true...... we need to meet :)

Down Under Ape.

Unknown said...

Brute by Simon []

Unknown said...
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JBlack said...

Goes by Simon.
Posts new drawings and if you sign up for the mailing list he sends the uncensored versions of new drawings.

Like you say, might not be for everyone, but there is some sexy going on.

JBlack said...

Goes by the name Simon.

Like you say, may not be for everyone, but there is sexy going on.

Sign up for his newsletter and he sends uncensored versions of the images when he posts them.