Monday, September 10, 2012

Abraham Lincoln would never be elected president today because of his GAY VOICE

Ok so Abraham Lincoln was a full queen. I mean gay culture did not exist really so much so its hard to say by todays standards he was a full queen, but being a FULL QUEEN has since the beginning of time. The proof of this is not just documentation over centuries but the fact that you can go to TOKYO and know a FULL QUEEN with gay dialect even though you don't understand one word. The BEINGS have always existed just not in united numbers so there wasn't really much culture or really any form of shared culture besides a posted flyer so you couldn't really claim he was a gay even though he slept in bed with men all the time and his bromance dude wrote about the perfection of his thighs... The reason why I think it will be interesting though is because its well documented that Lincoln had a HIGH PITCHED NASAL VOICE aka GAY TWANG but they NEVER show him like this. In fact its always the opposite they give him the voice of an OAK TREE when in reality he had the voice of TRUMAN CAPOTE. If Abraham Lincoln were alive today he would never come near being president because it would be RAGINGLY CLEAR he was a gay strictly based on his GAY VOICE alone. In my 37 years on this planet Ive never met a person with a gay voice that wasn't gay. Ive met PLENTY with a gay voice that are married though, but that doesn't mean they're not gay. Like my guidance conselour who was married with children but own the ANTIQUE SHOP in town. His name was MR LACROIX. If that was even his birth name?! Anyways gay voice, gay guy.. It just doesn't happen any other way, Mr. Tim Tebow.... Im not even bothering checking if thats how you spell his name. I refuse to give it my attention. Click this if you wanna hear what Abraham Lincoln sounded like.

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Sue said...

Well I for one am very disappointed since he was supposed to be such a great orator and is quoted all the time. Knowing that he had a high nasally voice just ruins all of that!