Thursday, September 13, 2012

If google could talk....

I was talking with a great old friend and we realized that if GOOGLE could talk its would say to me "Gurl... really??? Im not looking up "Sean Young cat woman Joan Rivers" again. Stop digging, the eighties are done and the early nineties are trending hard. We loved them, move on." Seriously I realized I can sit here and search "Demi Moore OUI Magazine" but WHY... nobody else does because NOBODY ELSE CARES. I don't mean that in a depressed way, although it sounds it. I mean it in a "You have plenty of stuff to make, GET TO IT." way.
If google, and WHEN google actually has a "personality" and talks to you. Which we know it will. It will be hard not to see it as your best friend ever.


rashasha said...

I care about Demi Moore in Oui magazine! But, you're right, you should be creating thing too.

I am thinking about what the hell I can create.

David Mason said...

you and all the fierce people care but now i think its our time to make stuff for the children so THEY have things not just us sharing OUR things people shared with us! and btw DONT THINK its the worst idea ever when making stuff! It will make it so you never make anything! at least for me and grace jones thats how it works!