Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ok so more about the trip, Ill keep it short and sweet and visual oriented.

Here are the pics I promised and some things I forgot to mention. 1. I forgot to mention THE RIP OFF WAGON! The Atlantis people totally push these bus transfers that they clearly make a ton of cash on. They actually lie to you to sell them, you don't need them and they're very expensive, about 90 EUROS a person. They lie and say you'll need it, make you nervous about missing the boat, down play public transportation etc, but we even saw the CRUISE DIRECTOR taking the train to the airport, like we did after being ripped off a couple times. In Ephesus they lied and said it can be a TWO HOUR wait stuck in traffic in Istanbul so you buy the tour/shuttle ahead of time. They take advantage of the fact that you don't know where the port is etc. The fact is the port in Istanbul was ten minutes walk from the very center of the city. The boat parked in an amazing location, there was absolutely no reason for a transfer. The tour in Ephesus was great. the tour in Istanbul was so bad the lady knew and didn't hand comment cards out. She also had bruises on her arm so we didn't report her.

Cleopatra and the gays at Ephesus from david mason chlopecki on Vimeo.

ALL HAIL CLEOPATRA! I was with a bunch of gays watching a "historical re-enactment" at Ephesus. We were all standing there in silence as the orator exclaimed "All hail Cleopatra" which you hear at the beginning of the clip. This was our genuine reaction. We genuinely did not know she was arriving. The crowd of silent guys all genuinely gasped at her arrival and I laughed so hard I put the phone down.
"Door Flair" on the ship is cute I think. This was some random bear fetish queens room.
Santorini is pretty but very hetero honeymoon. I preferred Mykonos but didn't take any pics oddly...
The sunset in Santorini in Oia.
This is Ephesus in Turkey which was very cool.

The Palace in Istanbul from david mason chlopecki on Vimeo.

We ate a fantastic dinner at this palace which was next to Dolmabache Palace. 35,000 euros a night to stay there... We did not stay there.
This Turkish cemetery was cool. Id never seen one before.
All Turkish stuff.

IMG 6212 from david mason chlopecki on Vimeo.

These pics and the video are all in Malta, in Valetta, Malta was a very pleasant surprise. Nobody knew about it so it. the language was so kooky but we never heard anyone speak anything besides English or Italian.
These fetishistic dudes were outside some building in Rome. Id totally blow the WW2 Nazi one on the left though I wish he had WW1 bad guys pants on. For a nation that has almost zero fetishy on the gay side output the security really puts on a show.


Unknown said...

Just got back from Barcelona, Malta and Gran Canaria - good to hear you had a blast as well.

Jim said...

Random thoughts :) You look like you could be in the travel literature as you look out over Santorini (perfect shot!). Like the serious look of you in front of the 2 flags. And, you look nice all dressed up :)

Lucien said...

YOU look good in Greece

Anonymous said...

Awww. You look so handsome all dressed up.