Thursday, September 6, 2012

OMG I went on a big gay cruise but my iphone/camera got splashed :( So Ill talk about it later.

In the mean time look at these weird people. OMG I know EXACTLY why I like this HOLY SHIT?! WOAH... As I sit here and wonder why I like this it came to me! Once when I was like 5 my sister and her friends and the kids down the street, the Morrisons, made a "haunted house" in their cellar and it scared the FUCK out of me and what made me bolt for the stairs was that one of the girls had COLD CREME on and a shower cap and it looked just like the one with the green face and fan left of center.... This is also the kind of thing I would like only to make my sister INSANE because she could not handle anything abstract. PS Why is 85% of your childhood spent plotting ways to terrorize children younger can you? Mine was! It was FUN! but I also hated it! MASTERY is what its termed in the worlds of psychology... MASTERY!

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Erik said...

You´re back! I was already worried that you had fallen down a grand staircase at the Roman party and found yourself in an orthopedic ward in a total body cast and in traction for the next six months!