Monday, October 15, 2012

Did I ever tell you Desperate Living was the spark that caused me to come out to my mother?

I was watching this film, Desperate Living, and laughing of course and my mom came in and said I didn't know "What was and what wasn't funny." "Really mom??? Im gay... now what have you got to say?" I win.


eric said...

this is the best movie ever made! my fav!

eric said...

This is the best movie ever made! I know every word!

Palanca Feet said...

Pink Flamingos was pretty weird and funny, Female Trouble was kinda more "centered" since it was treaten biographically (the school girl that becomes a criminal), but Desperate Living seemed to never follow a line (the psychotic housewife who became a murder suspect to became a victim of low-lfe "cheapness" in Mortville to finally take revenge and became the witch from the fairy tales... who is the protagonist there? But I worshipped that movie from head to toe - Mink Stole was memorable the same as many characters like Queen Carlotta and the punk butchoe "married" with the sexy boobed who teases Griselda the black maid by shaking her tits saying "nakeeeeeedd!"