Thursday, October 18, 2012

OMG Im so excited for Rupauls Drag Race All Stars, I CANT TAKE IT!

I genuinely found myself with all my fingers between my teeth while watching with nervous anticipation. Juju Bee wins most improved by far. She looks GREAT. Raven is still FLAWLESS and slays me. Latrice has such a great voice she needs to narrate children's books and the Puerto Rican queens all got their looks at the same San Juan Joannes House of Tacky Fabrics... which you know there are 17 of... specifically TACKY FABRICS because there are probably a couple REGULAR Joannes House of Fabrics but they don't do so well.


Malibu Eric said...

On Logo's Facebook page, I just watched the first episode (minus the sashay away reveal)and I have to give it to Ru for creating a nail biting concept to the series. If you haven't seen it I don't want to give anything away but the show is FABULOUS! God I wish it was a 26 episode series!

DS Mark said...

M.E. -- thanks for the tip. Went to the facebook page and just got done watching it. Hope Raven takes it all the way. LOVE Drag Race!