Tuesday, October 23, 2012


HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT?!... If you missed it I'm gonna wrap it up fast. They made the queens pair up and choose partners all standing in a line but they couldn't tell if someone was gonna pick you, if you picked the person who picked you then it was a match. The first attempt only three pairs picked each other which is sorta major because that of course causes TENSION because of course every queen is forced to have to publicly "LIKE" someone AND they run the risk of PUBLIC SHAME by having the queen you liked not like you- SHATTERING TO THE EGO. Its actually HEARTBREAKING to see the queens pick someone and NOT be picked by the other. I wonder who was desired most? Im surprised this wasn't played out more.
The coupling is GOOD! I feel Jujubee and Raven may be the team to beat but Shanel and Chad Michaels was a surprisingly good pairing I thought, both showgirls,
and the Puerto Rican from the first season who I don't mind with Tammie Brown is also very interesting. Kudos to the Puerto Rican for doing what Pandora should have done when she got "lemons" (detailed below) for rolling with it and making good. Mind you I LOVE Tammie Brown, she is FUCKIN WEIRD. Not Sharon Needles "weird" actually FUCKIN WEIRD MAN! Which I love because she so comes out of left field she feels like something new! Like I want to STUDY THIS CREATURE?! She's like something that washed up on shore from the DARKEST DEEP!? Anyhow back to the pairings... You see they all paired up and poor Pandora Box got Mimi Imfurst and in all honesty didn't give Mimi a chance and ruined it for the both of them. I mean Pandora was a WET CAT about it. I mean it not only meant that she got paired with the queen nobody wanted to be with, but WORSE that NOBODY WANTED TO BE WITH PANDORA EITHER! :( She shoulda gotta over herself and just said "Listen neither of us wanna be with one another so lets just fuck it and go for it, because otherwise were lost." but she didn't, so they did, and in this season they go home in their pairs! They coulda been comeback kids and everyone loves an under dog but as much as Im not a fan of Mimi she at least tried hard in the lip synch and did well but come on, she had to go up against Chad Michaels... PAH HA... yeah right... Chad was dressed like an asymmetrical peacock with exposed tit, do the math. OH WAIT the best part is that the pairs have decide who is gonna lip-synch for their life and their is a TAG TEAM BUTTON that can be pressed ONLY ONCE THE ENTIRE SEASON but if the not performing partner thinks she needs to be in their she can REPLACE her partner. The tension of who decides to lip synch is SOOOOO GOOD. Its MY DREAM COME TRUE. Its TOTALY MODERN DAY GLADIATORS... I LOVE IT. I think because the decision of who has to fight is now the performers it just seems more VISCERAL, its a REAL BATTLE. Im getting goosebumps thinking about it (shaken fists in witch voice) its truly "TITAN VERSUS TITAN!!" ( I looked for the clip from Clash of the Titans of the Stigeon Witches screaming it but its not online:( ) Oh after the show my friends and I went around the corner for a drink, walking down the street at night, ALONE, was Mimi Imfurst! .. AWKWARD. She looked like a GHOST. We all stared and did NOT know what to do/ say. It was like she was walking to the gallows and we were looking at a CONDEMNED WOMAN... we couldn't help. The look on her face was "WTF is this what its gonna be like for the rest of my life?! I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!"


m00ney said...

omg i almost died waiting for this review!
love all your posts but these ones make me queef
i'm so bummed Pandora got kicked out first but i agree that its kinda her own fault for not turning it out and making them eat it.
did you watch untucked?
Raven was hell serving Mimi while Tammie was all batshit cray.

David Mason said...

I did!!! Raven who is my fav was so mean?! Which of course I love but if it was real, then it was actually a little mean but who knows how they edit that stuff. Raven is THAT GIRL from school who was sizzling hot but not really popular because she had too strong of an identity and too mature too soon and smokes cigarettes and has a tongue like a viper. I love that chick.

RJ said...

Nail on the head, as always!
I love Tammie's weirdness too, so wondering what it's all about.

rashasha said...

As much as I love Shannel and Chad (Shad) and I am not that big a fan of Mimi, I though Mimi totally did the better lip sync. Mimi was bouncy and happy - much more appropriate for a (duet!) like Opposites Attract than Chad. Chad was overly dignified and pointing, a lot, and didn't really seem to get into the spirit of the song.

David Mason said...

I totally agree BUT. That song SUCKS So it'd be weird for Chad to play into it I think AND I think when judging a performance you need to considered costume heavily and Chads was a zillion times better. So yes I think Mimi was more Vivacious and more appropriate for the song BUT her costume sucked, I doubt her lip synching was as on point as Chads and she was also really annoying trying to crowd Chads space which I see as a major points deduction, especially considering her last performance where she also let her insecurities get the best of her.

Robert Rumsey said...

I agree with everything you said. I am also glad you recognized Pandora being a wet cat. I mean, Mimi may be a messy spaz, but that bitch works her ass off for a coin and I kinda respect that. Pandora thinks she is way more interesting than she really is. Hair, makeup and costumes DO NOT LIE HUNTY and Pandora still looks like the MC at drag night in Rochester New York. The fact that they both had basically the same dress in their "arsenal" of costumes was VERY telling.

boxxxer said...

Pandora got to take a dive and go out like a matyr instead of on her own merits which probably would not have gotten her very far into the competition anyway

Tammie Brown has always been my favourite for years. i could watch her for batshit crazyness for hours!