Monday, October 29, 2012

This hurricane isn't happening yet, but I love the SERIOUS DEFENSE SYSTEM people have set up for themselves.

I just took this picture as I walked home from the gym because nothing is going on. MASKING TAPE IS NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU FROM BEING CUT TO RIBBONS!! Im baffled by how stupid people are regarding the forces of nature and even the most basic common sense.. Masking tape isn't strong enough to hold down a balloon?! They don't even let you seal a letter with it at the post office?! Masking tape is used for making a straight line while painting, THATS IT. Even if this tape was as strong as steel if the wind is strong enough to break 1/4 inch glass the tape wouldn't stop it from going everywhere.


Anonymous said...

You've gotta give them points for the turquoise.

M said...

You should do a search for richard bernstein on tumblr, truly fabulous portraits of celebrities of the 80s, including your diva Grace Jones.

jps said...

Did you come through the storm OK?