Monday, November 5, 2012

I used to listen to this on cassette and REWIND and listen over and over!

I imagined it on a big parade float.. this version is better. Though I wish the chartreuse flag was more visible... I never noticed it till now. I THINK Mugler did her outfit.


M said...

This isn't true, right?

The article claims that it's as ordinary as can be for gay men these days to criticize straight women to their faces about their fashion choices and grab their boobs like it's alright because they're not sexually oriented in that way. I've never seen this behavious in anyone, of any gender or sexual orientation. I'm sure there must be people out there who are that rude, but a common behaviour in gays? While I was reading the article I was instantly reminded of that post you once wrote about how you shied away from telling a woman how much you like her look (when you do) because you had done that once and she reacted with such fear that you just felt bad. Is this grabing boobs and criticinzing random strangers a new unfortunate behaviour, or is it, as I suspect, just a dishonest article created by someone who is trying to stir controversy by inventing a new negative cliché to attach to the gay community?

David Mason said...

Id say its not true for sure. People just need content so people write anything. You can't grab a girls breasts, gay, straight or female.