Wednesday, November 7, 2012

( Me wild eyed like the March Hare in Disneys Alice in Wonderland) "Who did this?!... Whoooo DID THIS?!!? Was it you?!!"

I witnessed this SEX CRIME while in the Subway today?! It WAS so much nicer at the 14th st station with the L closed without all those people who can't get over the MOAT not being there!!! This ad for RPDR ALL STARS was next to THEIR ENTRANCE?! I bet it was one of those FORMERLY HIPSTER BROOKLYN TYPES who did this! Who defiled this sacred image with STREET ART?! Who did this!? Death to the radical faerie responsible for such offense! The streamlined bone structure of Rupauls chitonous visage is not a forum for such sloppy expressionism!!?

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