Monday, November 19, 2012

OMG OMG OMG Meet the new queens!!!!!!

Ivy Winters is JEAN KASEM FACE, she has no idea who that is Im sure but she still gets points in my book!

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Rico said...

What is drag? The word 'drag' is never mentioned when the new men in dresses are marching for Gaultier down the runway. What do you call the new supermodels, like Andrej Pejic and Stav Strashko who are more beautiful than most women in full makeup an couture? Are drag queens jealous since their realness is beyon reproach? Media refers to them as androgynous but they look like full on women. Then there is Lea T who is transgender. I know this is not a new thing. But is it drag? Or transcends it? You are my cultural moderator Mr. Mason so I was wondering what you thought.