Saturday, November 3, 2012

The internet is helping the expansion of the mind, at least for creative people with the brains to be curious.

Its interesting, maybe 4 years ago it was very unusual to visit a blog and see a melange of imagery/influences/interests. Sites were exclusive to ONE thing be it fashion/nature/porn but now if I visit a site/tumblr/blog and its not a mix of all things that inspire one another it just seems so "one note" and simple, almost NOT SMART because it seems like that person can't put the pieces together. Im not saying that IS what it is but I just went to tumblr that was pure fashion and although the images were great it seemed empty. Im glad about this because I think its expanded the minds of everyone and now people can look at a coat and know the praying mantis its based off of etc and the world has a greater understanding and appreciation for all things, high, low, nature, man made, it all can be great and has resonance... mind you I said CAN BE, not IS.

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Damien said...

Who is that masked man in the last picture who stimulates my bad place ;) ?