Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We need to talk about Synedrex.....

Ok so the guy at Evas, the bodybuilding store I go to on 8th st, recommended Syndrex to me this summer to cut up before I went on that gay cruise. I neglected to write about it then because I was too busy lifting very big things in VERY LITTLE CLOTHES! Long story short the stuff is ape-shit bananas and works! The first time you take it its INSANE. My one friend said "Its like PURE COCAINE?!" the other one said "It feels like MDMA?!" then my other friend said "Are all your friends drug addicts?!" Its never tweaky or jittery like other "DIET PILLS" but it is strong. The first day you take it you are FLYING. I was in the subway really having a hard time holding back from doing my award winning TIJUANA STRIPPER FLIP on the bars! The next day its more normal if you happen to be Kate Moss. It actually works as an appetite suppressant. You'll just be sitting at home wondering what to do and then you realize... Oh I USED TO EAT AT THIS TIME?! Though you won't spend much time twiddling your thumbs because YOU CANNOT BE GIVEN ENOUGH TASKS TO COMPLETE. You become THE task master. I had to stop taking it after a few weeks cause I got too thin. If you're looking to cut up. This stuff is it. Everyone I know is now on it BUT you do have to be careful and not take it more than a month or you'll look too thin and I can't imagine its all that healthy, or even legal for long.


AGB said...

Oh Shit!

I've been taking green coffee extract and it seems to be working for me, but I'll check this out. Thanks.


Griffin said...

I finally found a Canadian retailer and my order just came in. Woo hoo!!!