Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Chad Michaels had to win Rupauls Drag Race All Stars.. and my reasoning as to why Raven was never gonna win, and won't for a long time.

Congratulations are in order for Chad Michaels for winning Rupauls Drag Race All Stars! She's who I wanted to win, although my personal favorite is Raven, needless to say the two of them in the finale had me on PINS AND (Sharon)NEEDLES! I said a LONG time ago that Raven was never gonna win because she has two, recent, DUI's and a show sponsored by Absolut Vodka was not about to hand over a hundred thousand dollars to a convicted DRUNKEN THREAT or someone that MIGHT RUN OVER A CHILD WHILE USING THEIR PRODUCT... but I dunno if thats the REAL reason why Raven didn't win. Raven did a far better job in the finale in both the comedy stand up, ugh I CRINGED thinking what Shannels routine was gonna be, and in the final LIP SYNCH FOR YOUR LIFE... so why didn't she win??? Well I think Ru is smarter, and more maternal, and more spiritual then we think. From what I know of Ru he's a pretty spiritual dude. Honestly all that Ru and I have ever talked about is 80s icons and spirituality, which is enough for A THOUSAND LIFE TIMES. I think people might be a little surprised if they knew Ru thought of the bigger picture as much as she does. Sure, like any of us, she likes the sparkly stuff.. BUT.. theres more to her then that and I THINK what Ru, or the producers, MAY be doing, whether conscious or not, is that she's creating a tv "family" for us. Go ahead and roll your eyes but anyone who watches the show knows those characters like I do and we know who is what and where they go. What I feel Ru is doing with making Chad the first winner of the RPDR Hall of Fame is that she's basically ESTABLISHING a MOTHER for us. In the preceding seasons Ru defined what the entire purpose was, established a class level, and what "fierce" is and why its important. She's laid out a direction and a foundation so now we just needed a "MOTHER", a president in straight terms. It has to start with the mom and Chad is by far hands down the best "mother" out there. She's the pro, she's the honest one, she's been through the most battles, she knows best. Raven is a great talent, and I LOVE HER, but is she a mother? Absolutely not. Raven is surely the favorite daughter but not a mother. This is why I think Raven will not win for a while. Raven is going to grow, and grow, and grow in fame and THEN win. RAVEN WILL BE THE SUSAN LUCCI OF DRAG. Raven is not an entry level queen. She's harsh enough that she frightens a lot of people and its really the "pros" who favor her because they know WHY she's the best and SHE KNOWS why she's the best, which is why she's BITTER and why she can't win! "Jealous beauty" equals MY FAVORITE, Joan Collins, Grace Jones, Catwoman, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Raven.. all jealous beauties and all THE BEST. My personal taste is for something sweet AND SOUR. I have no interest in strictly sweet, its simply not enough. Over time Raven will be the biggest star of the bunch Im willing to bet, but she has to win over more people because right now she comes off a little mean to people who aren't as savvy and don't have the taste for "sour", but as time goes on and the fans start to gain a knowledge of why something is more deserving of accolade then another, and earn respect for her, more and more people will fall into her favor and she'll be the grand dame, AND MOTHER, but for now, NO. Thats not rus/gods/the producers plan. I wanna say I am honestly glad Ru has made this show. It really brings me so much joy just to be "recognized" by its existence. Just hearing someone say "Turkwaaz" like how I do means that THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO GETS ME?! The idea of the "family" of characters actually means something to me. Go ahead and roll your eyes but I WANT A TV FAMILY. I'm busy, but Im LONELY, so I actually WANT to "know" the people on tv and thats why I think RPDR ALL STARS was such a great concept because its characters we already know so its FAMILIAR and with familiarity comes CLOSENESS. Yes, I know its just tv but still we know people like these people in our lives and lets be honest, its not like these queens are all that inexcessable. They're not Angelina Jolie, they're your friends friend and they're performing at your local club sometime soon and thats AWESOME. So kudos to RAVEN and CHAD and RU and World of Wonder for making the show! Thank you! Now I can cancel my cable till January. ps. You know who I also wanna give Kudos to?... Shannel, though I may have just spelled her name wrong. Shannel stands up there, knowing many people don't like her because her personality needs a little work, and her clothes are a little tacky, and she PERFORMS and does a great job mind you. If I didn't know her personality I would like her more I think! Her eyes are fantastic! She has the best eyes out of anyone on the show and thats IMPORTANT! She KNOWS she's tacky as hell and she LIKES IT and she STANDS BEHIND IT because she knows all she has to do is make herself happy and hopefully along the way pull in a couple people who get her. I GET YOU SHANNEL! I appreciate the work you do and I think you do a great job delivering something that might not be for everyone but the people who DO like it Im willing to bet are VERY STRONG FANS....... with VERY STRONG STOMACHS... SORRY I JUST HAD TO, YOU KNOW ITS FUNNY?! I didn't mean it, promise, it was just funny!


D. W. said...

Noted and agreed!

RJ said...

Love the Rants
You said a mouthful

Stanimal5 said...

I completely agree. Chad was an artist who's time had come. Raven is way more interesting, but is still like the brash young 1993 MTV music awards Rupaul.

rashasha said...

I totally see your point, and the fact that Raven has TWO DUI's is an indicator of liability that no corporation is easily going to take on.

BUT STILL, Chad, who I completely admire and think is very talented and clever, still DID NOT exceed Raven in Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

Especially in the Lipsync For Your Life, Chad's moves were very calculated and premeditated, while Raven's were fluid and novel.

I agree, though, that in a way, it is best that Chad won initially. I was just dying inside, watching Raven, who wanted it so badly, and who knew she deserved it.

Ultimately, I think you are completely right, Raven, if he holds it together, will ultimately triumph in the end.

ger said...

I feel like I could die now and everything would be just fine because I finally learned the proper way to say "turquoise".