Friday, December 14, 2012

Do they know its time to buy more shit and worship a white man in Africa?

Its that time of year when British people ask if African Animists know that its Christmas time and tell us to give thanks that Africans are suffering and not us!??? Nice LYRICS BONO!!! I love this song, its so WRONG, but has good intentions despite its IMPERIALISTIC INSANITY. I thank god that it was made during Boy Georges fame as "We Are The World" was more popular here but never gets played but this now gets played EVERY CHRISTMAS and him being in it SEALS a place in music for trannys forever... I give thanks to MARILYN for ANGRILY showing up at 2:31 for this charity event for starving people in his Full Length FUR! I mean "Heres to them, raise a glass for everyone, heres to them underneath that burning sun?!" Did you just say RAISE A GLASS, meaning DRINK A BEVERAGE, for people in the DESERT?!... THAT IS FUCKED UP?! I mean on A LOT of levels! First of all they could give a shit about the sun, its a British ideal that CLOUDY is right, then to DRINK ALCOHOL for people who don't have WATER is KOO-KOO. Like your gesture for starving people in Africa is to "raise a glass" in your SHITTY PUB and thats somehow nice of you? Fuck you honkey!... I can't even... Irish pubs are like the worst gay bars of straight culture. Generic, everything that the culture is "supposed to like,be,act" ...just eww. If you know La or NYC irish pubs are to straight culture what Splash and Mickeys are to gay culture... That said this song is still fierce, but who's the dude in the beginning???? and don't even get me going about that John Lennon Christmas song.. I am DOING ALL I CAN TO BE HAPPY this time of year whilst being boyfriendless and no family really besides a sister, not to mention Christmas was my moms birthday, and YOURE gonna ask me "What have I done?!" Fuck you MILLIONAIRE!?! Lol Im laughing btw but yeah who the fuck is that rice queen to tell me what have I done? Im just guilty because I didn't do my charity even this year... but I did donate $$$. My friend CHUCKY HEUBER in Paris just shared this with me. Hurray for whoever made this!

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