Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YAY, Cool people have been supporting Slick It Up and Trophy Pony!

Here Jay Davidson of "The Crying Game" wears the "Passable" Tee from Trophy Pony. I mean OF ALL PEOPLE he's the LEGENDARY PASSABLE MODEL?! The illustration was expertly done by Benoit Prevot who is one of my favorite illustrators! I gave him some photo references and said "Make her TOO MUCH of a girl!" The pics were of Jerry Hall. He knew EXACTLY what to do!
And here Rupaul tweets to Isaac Mizrahi about wanting the Platinum Star Hoodie from Slick It Up. and just now Laurie Goldsteins assistant contacted me saying how she wants to buy it for Isaac... Huh... Yay! This would be the first time I heard of a stylist paying for something so I'll believe it when the cash is in hand, but she has the coins so maybe she's different!

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