Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ive started collecting semi precious stones... Why not.

I just won these in an auction.
This is blue Flourite.
This is Flourite and Galena. My witch friend tells me about the stones POWERS: Ok so I've consulted my books. The Galena stone is a 'stone of harmony' that brings balance on all levels and aids holistic healing. It opens up the mind, expands ideas and dissolves self limiting assumptions. Keep it close to where you are working and creating. Mixing it in with purple fluorite (one of my favourites) - this will aid stimulation of the 3rd eye and imparts common sense to psychic communication. The blue fluorite stone is enhances creative, orderly thought and clear communication – it can evoke spiritual awakening. Good purchases. They were meant to be with you. Keep them close.


Malibu Eric said...

I'd like to purchase about 20 pounds of Galena stone for my office. Its healing powers are what I need at this moment in time.

Lucien said...

I wish you perfect vibrations - they are stunning -- And you know I mean it - stunning