Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Putting Sour Patch Children in vodka for days doesn't make sour patch flavored vodka, it makes hairspray.

Putting Sour Patch Children into vodka to make sour patch infused vodka doesn't work.... and it works less when you then try and put jolly ranchers in for flavor.. I don't know anything about chemistry but did the sugar change the vodka into hairspray??? Smells like it.
Not to mention the nice lady at Vitamin Shop said to me "Cancer THRIVES in a body full of sugar!" FUCK... WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. Weed is bad, poppers are bad, hooking up is bad, steroids are bad, stealing scrunchies at Hot Topic is bad, AND NOW SOUR PATCH CHILDREN ARE BAD?! I have nothing to do. Now I only have rage to breed.
Oh I forgot to mention it turned into a bottle of BROWN MUNG and the sour children lost all their color and now it looks like I'm JUICING THE ESSENCE of SICK E.T ABORTIONS!

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