Monday, January 21, 2013

The first look at the new Slick It Up editorial by Tim Palen

I need to give Tim a super big THANK YOU because he shot these while having a rotten case of the flu and still delt with, literally, my ass. I also need to give thanks to Tai Chi Alfonso for aiding in the design process, and to Francois for retouching the hitchhike pic. If you're going to trust your ass in anyone hands I feel he's a really good person to trust! ps. Wish I could sell the mask but I made it myself and its one of a kind and I gave it to Tim for dealing with my ass. Its also totally fragile and impossible to ship.


Lucien said...

Dave - I know TIM will treasure the mask as Priceless and its better he get it than sell it to any of us out here. HE does incredible work with YOU .

Griffin said...

Smoking hot! Thank you for sharing. I can hardly wait to see the editorial.