Sunday, January 20, 2013

The new ELECTRIC LEOPARD shorts at Trophy Pony are kinda mega awesome.

They already sold out BUT, we luckily have enough material to make a second round. So if you want them, honestly buy them now. I'm not trying to sell them, well i AM trying to sell them, but Im honestly saying this because they always sell out and people email or come up to me and say "I wanted those shorts so bad but I waited too long and then they were gone." So if you like them order now cause we won't have the material in the future. Click on Trophy Pony to pick them up now.


Joel said...

The shorts are hot, but what's hotter is a model with no visible ink! What a rarity these days!

Unknown said...

Just ordered a pair! Hope I got them it in before they sold out!

David Mason said...

Thank you James!