Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I went to school with the white kid in this commercial and I was SO jealous that bitch got to be a STAR.....I mean jealous enough that I REMEMBER 25 years later..BUT

I asked my mom if I could get and agent and she said "no." which I now get of course but the fact that this kid was in this commercial was everything at the time. He was the local dance teachers star student and wore a satin jacket with the studios name emblazend across it. Five years ago that dance teacher was thrown in the KLINK for molesting a bunch of kids.... NOT SO SHOWY NOW ARE YOU LITTLE MR HIGH KICKS?! AHAHAHAHAH... just kidding, I'm a terrible person, I am NOT laughing that this kid was very possibly victimized by a horrible person BUT it is kinda amazing that at the time I was so jealous of that kids place... NOW I AM NOT JEALOUS OF HIS PLACE. blink... blink...grimace... crickets..:(! Lesson learned, what may seem amazing, and you may crave/ be jealous over could very well be THE WORST THING EVER AND YOU DONT KNOW IT.

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Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

You are an idiot.


Martha Stewart