Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars are proof watching trannies is way better then watching genetic females.... and Why does Adele look like a FLINTSTONES VITAMIN?

The Oscars are a hard sell to me. I hadn't seen one movie nominated in ANY category so there was no reason for me to watch. The red carpet thing is a SNORE without TRANNY GODDESS CHER. Im not interested in watching GENETIC FEMALES wear SENSIBLE GOWNS and looking PRETTY, CLASSIC, or like "Holloywood Royalty". Its actually totally PURITANICAL and ROTTEN in my eyes. It celebrates BEING SCARED AND NOT TAKING RISKS and AIMING FOR THE MIDDLE. I don't like it. I was also annoyed by the 48887 comments on Facebook. Like WOW you found a flaw with a near perfect person who's famous... HURRAY FOR YOU NORMAL PERSON. (That said I wanna talk about Adeles weird dressmaker/SHIP BUILDER.) I was at a MEXICAN RESTAURANT when it was on and they were showing it and I will say Shirley Bassey was FUCKIN AWESOME. I mean what a testament to living well and and true talent and THANK YOU for giving everyone hope that aging doesn't have to matter!!! Everyone after her just looked like a HACK in comparison. I mean how great is it that some 76 year old lady makes everyone younger look bad... HURRAY FOR HER! Poor Adele, is she 20 something? Maybe she just was intimidated? Shirley ATE HER ALIVE. I don't understand Adeles GARMENTS. I think she's talented and beautiful and I don't want to "READ HER" cause I think she's coming from a hard place to negotiate and she's doing a good job BUT..... I mean as a PLUS SIZE (near PLEISTOCENE) model myself I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that she wants a WAIST and a SHAPE but the way she does it she looks way too HARD and BUILT. She looks like John Travolta in Hairspray or Leigh Bowery. I totally understand building a shape, its MY JOB, but they way she goes about it is just OFF. I think it looks good in a photo perhaps but in live action she looks very FLINTSONES VITAMIN. She can't move at all, or sing, and its not like she's just corseted its like she's wrapped up like HAND-CUT FRIES! Lady you're gorgeous and I know because people are mean you have yourself wrapped up beyond reason, which is totally unfair, but take a note from MAMA CASS, she was light on her feet, fun, funny, and colorful.

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