Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer is my fave Eye DE-PUFFER

I think Kielhs is a little over rated and suspect as its now owned by like Etsee Lauder or SOMETHING. I dunno who, so its like all about making $$$ and giving as little as possible and not about making a great product, which I feel is what happens when big companies buy any smaller brand, BUT I use the Rosa Artica moisturizer and the EYE DE-PUFFER and its the best EYE DE-PUFFER out there. I keep it in the REFRIGERATOR and put it on every morning and it actually makes a huge difference. The applicator is the best one too. I prefer the stick application as opposed to liquid or applying it from this little wand thing that all other eye depuffers are in cause I don't wanna feel like a TOTAL LADY first thing in the a.m. It lasts forever too btw, Ive had this one for so long I dunno when I got it.

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Sushiboy said...

FYI, Kiehl's used to be pharmacy in East Village, NYC and is now purchased and owned by LO'real group since 2000. Just like Clinique, Kiehl's markets them as pharmacy, unorthodox-y (simple, straightforward packaging, doctor's gown, etc).

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