Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rupaul Drag Race Season Five episode 4

How happy are you that Ru upheld her role as our FIERCE RULING QUEEN MOTHER and did the never before DOUBLE ELIMINATION retaining a GOLD STANDARD in our tranny Queendom?! ALL OF US felt that BOTH needed to go, neither one deserved to stay, so WHY SHOULDNT SHE?! Its great because it also puts the fear of god into the queens for not taking it seriously enough and resting on their laurels. I don't have much to say about this episode, only because I couldn't really hear it. I went to watch it at a bar here to see if it was any fun but IT WASNT because I'm standing their just thinking "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!, Im trying to watch the RU?!"... I will watch it from home from now on. I take it too seriously to tolerate PUB CLOWNS nattering away! Im liking Jinx a lot more too. She's really quite funny and Im thinking she might be the smartest queen since Tammy Browne, who I imagine STRANGLES OLD LADIES but is probably kinda genius but maybe just insane, its a fine line and wrinkle. Have you downloaded the Dj ShyBoy Rupaul remixes of the show yet? Well I HAVE! Are they timeless musical genius...YES... ok NObut are they SOUND CANDY and perfect for listening to on your way to the gym... VERY MUCH SO! All of them have parts I like. "the category is CHEESECAKE/ Its good for a taste but not for a swallow." Body body Body/ Stop relying on that body" are my favorite lines. If you're not aware what they are they're songs that are pure quotes from the tv show and exactly what you want... go buy them on iTunes now, i dunno how to link to iTunes or i would... Ps can we just have a show called TRANNY FACE and its just like Ivy Winters face, then Alyssa, then like Ravens faces just slowly spinning in a spiral circle for an hour.. Id watch it all day. Id just leave the tv on and have it in my home to make me feel MORE at home IN my home.


Justin said...

I've been a long-time reader of your blog, and I just have to say, while we are so different demographically I always look forward to your posts. You have such clever insight and some things, such as the notion of having a side-kick that's so wacky that it give one greater leverage to be out-there yet maintain legitimacy, I think about long after I've read it. Keep being you; you're awesome.

Justin said...
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