Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rupauls Drag Race Season 5 episode three and yet another rant about why many straight women suck.

Ok first off Rus hair was awesome. You know I live for a crimp, micro or macro I don't care I just love a crimp. Neon green was a fun choice and HARD to pull off. I think Alyssa and Cocos beef wasn't beefy enough, it sorta just fizzled, had no direction so we lost interest. I was loving Paulina and loving Paulina NOT LOVING Coco. Paulina actually referred to "clothes with holes cut out in them" like it was a BAD THING ... ahahahahah I laughed. MY FOOD IS PAID FOR in clothes with holes cut out in them! I wonder if I didn't live for Paulina in that Diet Sprite commercial from the eighties where she wore a chartrues acetate skirt and zebra leggings ... OMG THEY HAVE IT ON YOUTUBE?!?!?!? I LIVEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD for this commercial!!! ITS FREAKING ME OUT.... ITS SO "ME" ... This commercial is responsible for A LOT OF ME. Anyways I was saying if I didn't live for Paulina then if I wouldn't sorta feel her now for making more "conservative" commentary and making fun of clothes with holes cut out in them... I think Roxxxy is sort of a quiet stand out, MAYBE a sneaky winner. I feel like when they show him as a dude he seems REALLY nice, like someone you could totally hang with. I liked Alaska more too. I had ZERO issue with him doing a boy character on the show. In my eyes a character is a character and therefore the imagined gender shouldn't matter. I did however appreciate that Ru did NOT see it that way. I would like to hear more from Ru as to why it was such a particular slight to her. Speaking of particular slights... a couple occurred at our viewing party from this DUMB GIRL and this is why I just don't hang with many straight people- PARTICULAR SLIGHTS. I know it goes both ways for sure but what straight people don't realize is that gays don't hang out with them not because they're boring and uncreative and "grey" and poor and unmotivated and unappreciative and corpulent and uncurious and unobservant and are terrified sheep but because of the things they do unconsciously which are particularly offensive and THEY DONT EVEN KNOW IT. FOR EXAMPLE when Alyssa was talking about the Miss Gay USA pageant this straight girl (I dunno who invited her) laughed. Just the idea that they took it seriously to her was FUNNY. I understand that, because it KINDA IS, but its also NOT AND THAT GIRL HAS NO IDEA THAT HER VERY SLIGHT LITTLE CLUCK IS EXACTLY WHAT WEVE HAD TO ENDURE OUR ENTIRE LIVES. So thanks for insulting us in our own home you IDIOT SELFISH CUNT WITHOUT A MAN AND YOU WONDER WHY...Then later in the evening a guy got up to pee and closed the door 95% percent of the way but not fully so you could hear him pee... BIG DEAL, not ONE guy even noticed or cared or thought and specifically would never say anything but SHE was like "OMG SHUT THE DOOR WE CAN HEAR YOU PEEING?!" What she probably doesn't know is that this is her passive aggressive way of controlling men. In the straight world this isn't right, but its OK. Its so second nature to her she probably doesn't even know that what she's ACTUALLY saying in her "close the door" comment is "YOU ARE WRONG AND DUMB AND I AM RIGHT AND I AM ATTEMPTING TO CASTRATE YOU IN A "PRIVATE" MOMENT BECAUSE THE ONLY WAY I CAN CONTROL YOU MR MALE PERSON IS BY EMBARRASSMENT FROM A MADE UP PROBLEM, THAT YOU DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT, BUT IF ALL US FEMALES JUST GANG UP , INSTEAD OF HAVING THE STRENGTH TO STAND UP ON OUR OWN, WE CAN MAYBE GET YOU TO BELIEVE US THAT YOURE A MORON AND THAT YOU NEED US AND WITHOUT ME YOURE NOTHING. EXCEPT PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY ALL ABOUT MY TERROR AND FEAR OF BEING A CHILDLESS UNPROTECTED OLD MAID AND MY RESENTMENT THAT I ACTUALLY NEED YOU AND YOU DONT EVEN NEED ME AT ALL BECAUSE I ACTUALLY PLAY INTO MY OWN DOUBLE STANDARD AND NEVER BOTHERED TO GIVE MYSELF VALUE ON A LEVEL THAT WOULD BRING ME TRUE EQUALITY SUCH AS ACQUIRING AN EDUCATION, BEING CURIOUS, CREATIVE AND SELF RELIANT. SO INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY SEEING MYSELF AS AN EQUAL I CHOSE TO PLAY INTO A CHAUVINIST SET UP THAT IS DESIGNED TO OPPRESS ME SO NOW I HAVE TO RESENT YOU BECAUSE I BELIEVED "YOU", INSTEAD OF MYSELF, AND MADE POOR CHOICES AND FEEL POINTLESS BECAUSE WE HAVE MICROWAVES NOW." ...aka "Close the door." but because she's straight and assumes every spaces is "hers" she doesn't know that this is a room of GAY MEN its FINALLY" a space for "us" (if she was like minded she'd be considered an "us" no matter what she was) who DO NOT TOLERATE TRYORY. She's so straight and white she thinks the world is hers, she doesn't even realize that this is not her space, she doesn't even realize there are places in this world where you have ACT DIFFERENTLY because its not "your" space. Thats whats kinda fascinating, she's just SO not aware of "OTHERS" of ANY kind. Shes the ultimate case of classic HETEROSEXUAL ENTITLEMENT and this is why I don't hang out with straights... well I have about 582 reasons why but this is ONE of them. I hate the unconscious entitlement they have to the entire planet. Dear heterosexual females that suck, we can see through your veil of passive aggressive female antics because we don't want a piece of your vag, so there is no power to your illusion of sexuality and therefore you really need to be respectful of others because I'm dealing with you daily and you don't even know it.


100ways said...

Well said! especially the part about straight women.

100ways said...

Well said, especially the part about straight women