Saturday, February 23, 2013

The new promo by Tim Palen is now added to Slick It Up, check out ALL our commercials on Slick TV!

To see all of our commercials head to Slick It Up and choose from any of the many commercials. The ones from Tim are more clean, chic, weird and the other ones are either sexy, funny, or SEXY AND FUNNY... actually no, THEYRE ALL KINDA SEXY AND FUNNY in their own way, some are just more obvious then others. Im really proud of all of them, my acting in the "Weird Science- Shipping to your door" is REALLY SPECIAL... Im as wooden and retarded as they come! I was confused?! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do Kelly Lebrock, or DUDE or DUDE with Kelly Le Brock accent?!?!?... Its harder then you think! Though in hindsight I should have just played it more fun and sexy but I was torn between doing exact theatrical impersonation and just doing my own version. I should just done way more "ME", because its not like I could stand there and have my hair blow in the wind but its funny if you watch you see me actually pause and can SEE ME IMAGINING the wind blowing my hair!! Its why we went with platinum blond, if you're gonna do a dude obviously long hair would be YUCKERS (in my opinion) so we had to do something that made me look a little MAN MADE. Im very happy with the result.

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