Friday, February 15, 2013

Wind her up and watch her go!!!

Boy does having a friend who's a former meth head and all time hyper active TWERKER really make for a clean home!!! Its better then having a FETISH QUEEN CHORE SLAVE?! My place has been mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed, swiped, plucked, tucked its FANTASTIC. He's short so its easier for him but he is on his hands and knees getting into nooks and crannies like its a CRIME SCENE..its a GRIME scene! He's thrown out all the stuff stuck to my refrigerator saying I live in "WEIRDO MEMORY LANE!?" which cracks me up..because its true. I needed this so bad! I really recommend that all of you out there go hang out at your local CMA / AA meeting and troll for OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVES because your home will SPARKLE!! You should see her now, he's walking around with a roll of towels tucked under his arm INSPECTING with all the conviction of a NAZI sniffing around for HIDDEN JEWS... which reminds me, the shower needs to be cleaned.

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Sue said...

We used to have a cleaning woman that was obsessive to such a degree that she sought professional help for it. Unfortuantely, her shrink advised that for her mental health she refrain from cleaning any houses. So we lost her.

She took apart our toaster oven and cleaned each part separately. When I saw it I was convinced we had bought a new one. She removed all the salt and pepper from the shakers to clean them. Sigh. We will never have another cleaning woman like her.