Thursday, March 21, 2013

I finally completed the War Unicorn!

It took a while because I was going to have the horn made because i wanted gold metallic chrome finish, NOT gold leaf- i sorta hate gold leaf cause its easy, so the first place I found that could do it was in Mexico and they wanted 700$ they then said they couldn't do it after i paid and waited two months, but its cool they gave me my $$$ back. The second place I found was in the U.S, the place that made the alien mask for the Slick It Up commercial and they wanted 2,000. Which I sorta get because you're paying for professionals in america but really??? 2 grand for a horn.. umm no. So I just did it myself and Im actually happy with the results. You kinda can't see in the photo but all the hardware is gold, the eyes light up even, which was my first time wiring something. I don't like wiring things. Its sorta interesting when you make stuff you find what you do like and what you don't like. I have an aversion to electricity, I don't wanna go near it. It freaks me out Im afraid of being electrocuted or burning the house down.

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