Monday, March 4, 2013

Rupauls Drag Race makes Monday something to look forward to!

I giggled so hard at this.... I SWEAR the week goes by so much faster when RPDR is on. Monday is something to look forward to, Tuesday I write an episode review, and then its Wednesday and the week is almost over... I said it before and I say it again THANK GOD FOR RUPAUL.... AND MICHELLE VISAGE! Look at the pic that arrived in my twitter this a.m?!!? Michelle looking SNATCHED in her custom Slick It Up jacket!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Any woman who knows that a high pony tail/bun is HOT is my kinda chick. I don't think its appealing so much to women but to men I bet its maybe THE MOST attractive. I think it unconsciously references the high positioned tail of a quadruped thats signaling its ready to get mounted, which makes sense to any mammal including us.

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Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I remember when I used to giggle hard. These were the late 90's when all I had to do was fart and an intern would develop it into a concept that would breed concepts that would make money.


Now, all I do is spend time with lawyers...