Monday, April 15, 2013

Coachella is horribly anti-gay and no supporter of equal rights should be going.

Heres a pic of Eli Roth and some dude in Slick It Up at Coachella. Coachella is anti-gay?! Yeah its VERY tricky. They know that we assume if a product is "open" "happy" "free" "creative" its open minded, but its just a trick. They take all the $$$ and support anti gay programs with it. Ewwwww. Toms of Maine is the same thing, you think its one thing and its actually hate mongers making $$$ off of "liberal" values and customers then they take all the $$$ and use it against you... SHADEY.... but smart for business. If you wanna read more google it. Or just check out this dudes response. That said the guy looks great and is just enjoying himself. I don't wanna say that HE is bad or anything at all. Its not a HIM thing. He didn't know Im sure because few people know and even if he did know its his business. I don't think I phrased it like I was saying he was bad but I just wanna be sure:) Its unfortunate that this thing people like is rotten and hateful though. There needs to be a nicely designed list of places that gays should not buy from and why. Because its usually a list compiled by some PACIFIC NORTHWEST LIBERAL ARTS LESBIAN who has her heart in the right place but everything else is just out of place and horrible to look at.

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