Friday, April 19, 2013

I heard from a Parisian spy that Thierry Mugler (Manfred) is back at Mugler?!? Yay! YAY... YAAAAAAY!

Yay they got rid of that waaay too lucky stand in! Is it twatty to say Ive never like what that other person does? Cause I never do, stylists are NOT designers. A good stylist is a GOOD STYLIST. Hiring a stylist to be a designer is like hiring a waiter to cook. One job is to create the product, the others job is too know about the product and present it nicely... two very different jobs, both valid, but not the same. My friend pointed out that the "little monsters" who follow the stylist who got the job of re-doing Mugler (yes Im bitter and jealous, because I just think his being there was wrong on 1,000 levels) shop at Forever21 (like me) and not Barneys. Nobody bought any of it at all. I guess they did it to make the name known to younger people??? Who knows... out with the old and IN WITH THE OLDER!!!


Black Nyx said...

Yes, yes, and YES! So glad that Nicola guy was out - Everything he designed was horrible.

orlando said...

It's ttrue. Here's the link to the story: