Saturday, April 6, 2013

Im assuming you guys don't know about the Orkly Kid.... but you should!

In 1998 my friend BECKY TWARDY and I were basically obsessed with THE ORKLY KID. Its this triptych of films all done by the same director. The first is a documentary about this young man from Orkly Idaho who is obsessed with Olivia Newton John but of course is not going to even consider the fact that this AND HE is totally gay. The second is a film based on the documentary starring the then unknown Crispin Glover and the third is the same script recast with new actors and a then unknown Sean Penn as the "Orkly Kid" Its fucking AWESOME and I forgot all about it until I had dinner with Ru and mentioned how one of the funniest things I ever saw her do was on her talk show on VH1 where she played a game with the real Olivia Newton John that was called "Who knows more about Olivia Newton John, Rupaul or Olivia Newton John?" OF COURSE Ru won! I was meditating in the bath, as I try and do daily, and was like "HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THIS!? So please enjoy this weirdo little gem, its only a half hour and it just an amazing little time capsule. If I remember correctly Yeardly Smith or wait, who was the other one...E. G DAILY?! E.G is in it (Pee-wees girl friend in Pee Wees Big Adventure) I don't have links to the original documentary or the Sean Penn one but Im sure if you're motivated you can find them.

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