Monday, April 8, 2013

My fave bodybuilder monsters ANTOINE VAILLANT AND CEDRIC DOYON casually wearing Slick It Up at the gym... YAY!

What do they INHALE before benching??? These guys are living that fantasy you jerk off about where you're gonna do a ton of mones and work out all day and became a roid monster but then you cum and realize its maybe not the best plan for you.... THEY ACTUALLY DID IT?! The reason why I mention their sexual identity is because I LOVE that its the FIERCE FRINGE PEOPLE that wear Slick It Up now that aren't out homosexuals. Its bodybuilders, fashion models, successful artists ALL THE PEOPLE YOU WANT WEARING YOUR CLOTHES that aren't out gay guys.


Joel said...

The Erasure in the background made it for me! Especially after Andy Bell at the wedding. It's a small (cultural) world!

Eric Arvin said...

So awesome.

orlando said...

Did you send the the tee to him or did he buy itfrom the site?