Friday, April 26, 2013

Rupauls Drag Race Season 5 episode 12

..Please excuse the delay as we are in a holding pattern for two more weeks.... Or at least thats what this episode felt like. There was no surprise and no changes really for the most part except for the fact that I'm now decidedly "Team Alaska". What I would have LOVED to see was a surprise return of Alyssa and a lip-synch between Roxxxy and Alyssa with Alyssa winning and the final three being Alaska, Alyssa, and Jinkx. Now THAT would have piqued everyone interest. As it stands now it just feels like a sorta disappointment because were waiting for them to award Jinkx the crown even though we all agree she's talented but not polished enough to be a winner. I feel like the general public is being too manipulated by the shows editing and has confused their emotional reaction to the editing from the actual talent of the contestants. Im not saying Jinkx isn't talented, she's VERY talented, but she's just not "celebrity ready" her big advantage though is the PERSONAL/EMOTIONAL connection to the audience. The audience thinks they have a special connection to Jinkx simply because of the story they've written through editing and THAT is why the people are pulling for Jinkx even though her look is VERY sub-par and she actually hasn't been consistent. Where as Alaska has a strong look and has not only been consistent but she has actually always been funny. Nearly every time she has something to say to the camera its very funny. Alaska simply isn't the favorite because the shows editors have decided the "Jinkx as Molly Ringwald Show" was a better story line. Alaska has no hard luck story so its a harder sell, and I don't think thats fair... FAIR IS FAIR. Alaska should be rewarded for professionalism and brains! Jinkx shouldn't win because of a storyline that was constructed around her, she should be judged on her own merits and I don't feel like that is happening with her. Its actually not even fair to her because her winning for this reason belittles her own abilities. She's getting a HUGE slant in her favor with a storyline that places her on top. With the storyline the way its written HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT JINKX TO WIN, but thats not what the show is supposed to be. She has won the favor of the fans but she isn't the best one. I really like Jinkx QUITE A BIT, I think she's smart, funny, cool, she's just NOT POLISHED and I think what should happen is that she should come back in an All Stars season, be more polished, and WIN. That I think would be GREAT, and FAIR, and "RIGHT". If she wins now Id be disappointed because I feel the legitimacy of the show would be compromised because we would no longer be judging by merit but by storyline which is not controlled by the contestants ability but by the editors manipulation. Of course EVERY SEASON has been manipulated by the editing, we know this, but this would take it a little farther then what is "reasonable".


Joel said...

Dave I see your point. I've been Team Jinkx for a while as I find her so interesting, but I think I'd rather have dinner with Alaska, her wits almost drier than mine. Perhaps a dual winner, like Babs and Kate at the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

While I wanted Jinkx to bring it, when I saw her in that tired old hippie prom dress, I realized the emperor was indeed naked. Alaska should win. And what was up with that fake Roxxxy, "Excuse me but I need to say something. Jinkx, I really love you," crap??? Makes me wonder if the bus stop meltdown occured as part of her planned manipulation!