Monday, April 15, 2013

So I think Im on steroids.....MAYBE???!??

Ok so for years products have claimed to boost your testosterone blah blah blah. I went to La a couple weeks ago and bought this product Tropinol XP at the suggestion of the juicy sales guy in the supplement store by Golds. I was already taking Activate Extreme at the suggestion of the SUPER HOT excony/guidoy/cop like/fetish sales guy at Evas (OH FUCK I WANNA BE HIS BOYFRIEND SO BAD- but Ill happily take sex slave, ash tray, (I wanna say toilet but when it comes down to it I actually NO no no, I don't wanna be, but the idea is FANTASTIC so put it on paper just to spice it up because he'll never do it. Sure take everything, I'm all yours, except Im not and don't touch anything thats mine, and do this right, and also when Im done I wanna leave immediately. I know I said I wanted to be your permanent sex slave but permanent when horny means about 25 mins max, thanks Byeeeeee! I promise to come crawling back when Im horny really hoping you aren't pissed that I came and bailed after 18 weeks of fetish cybersex where I MAY have agreed to be shipped in a box to Saudi Arabia as a blue eyed, roided out, gargantuan Polish fetish concubine.) So I was already taking the Activate as a supposed test booster for about two weeks maybe before I bought the Tropinol XP BUT as soon as I took both I WAS OUT OF MY MIND. Like basically MY EYES ARE CROSSED and Im horny as fuck INSANE. Like this effect has only haooened to me before on steroids so either these pills DO WORK and they DO boost your testosterone OR they're just steroids... I dunno but they are definitely boosting SOMETHING. I feel like Im on steroids for sure Im even drinking a ton of water and hungry as fuck. I don't know that Im bigger though but its only been about two weeks. ps. In the shower I realized I need to make an update to my unconscious dialogue regarding being the guy at Evas fetish slave! I think I need to clarify why I hypothetically BAILED after cumin after my hypothetical fetish scene. Its NOT because Im a selfish douche, well maybe I am a little bit, but the MAIN REASON is because of the CRAZY SHIT I agreed with while fetish texting and now that Ive hypothetically cum and "he" has not. I need to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE before he tries something I agreed with on a FETISH CYBER CHAT BENDER that would be KOO KOO in reality but PERFECTLY SANE in FETISH WORLD but now that Im NOT in the altered state of horniness and THIS DUDE IS, this could get ugly REAL QUICK, so I gotta BOUNCE YO! DUECES!


Gregory said...

David, if you were only to take one...which would you choose? I am in my early 40's and starting to experience that "slow down" we go through in life, I'd like to give something a try to see if it helps my libido and energy level.

David Mason said...

i guess id pick the tropinol

rashasha said...

Can you elaborate more on this fetishy box shipping people to Saudi Arabia? Does this happen IRL? Why would anyone do that? They would just eventually be killed off, right? Do you know people this has happened to or similar???