Friday, April 5, 2013

The New ALL STAR SHORTS at Trophy

Athletic, masculine, sexy, super comfortable and versatile are the first things that come to mind regarding these shorts. They're made in super stretchy spandex which drapes and hugs the body perfectly and allows for complete freedom of movement which is far better then a non stretch short. They have zippered pockets so you wont lose your wallet or keys at the gym or the club. Once you try these on you'll wonder why all shorts aren't made in spandex with zippered pockets, the reason is because its costs more but we would rather make a quality product that costs a couple dollars more then a crappy one with a higher mark up that doesnt look as good or fit as well. The classic blue and white stars are contrasted by the black and white stripes and black athletic mesh side stripes. The hem (bottom leg) of the shorts is a double hem so if you want the shorts shorter you can actually cut the black athletic mesh trim off and still have a finished edge! Like all our shorts they come in Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (32" /81cm), and Medium/Large (33" / 83.8cm) to (37" / 91.4 cm) and have gold plated toggles. Available at Trophy Pony.

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kate lewis said...

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