Thursday, May 9, 2013

Francois Sagat OFFICIALLY retires from porn... I say YAY

I never watch her porn cause she's my sister and I don't like professional porn anyways but Im glad he retired and now can focus on making work outside of "sagat the body" as the product itself. He worked for MUGLER for christ sake, yes he has the most beautiful ass, but there is much more there and I prefer the creative stuff and the ass is still there. Its not like the body disappears when the creative talent is at the forefront, in fact its much more attractive I think for someone who is talented to be hot as a plus not just a hot person just being a sex symbol.


Malibu Eric said...

May I say genius to do it from Euro Disney. Perfect.

David Mason said...

Disneyland in California! the original!

Black Nyx said...

I'm so in love with the illustration that he did in that video for Fade - Obsolete Wedding. Absolutely gorgeous! Ever since I came across it I've wanted to see more - Really beautiful.