Thursday, May 2, 2013

George Alley is my favorite new singer.

George Alley is an acquired taste. He's not designed to be some person for everyone, and thats great because I never want anything thats for everyone, except for maybe a cure for aids or cancer or something BUT anyways George is SANE, but I think most people will say he is WEIRD, another good thing. He's REALLY WEIRD, but MY KIND OF WEIRD. At first I wasn't so into his voice but its one of those voices that a couple days later you're like "I need to hear that voice again.... and this song is really good?!" Its NEW for me and I like that. I love the lyrics too ... "Summer Trophies on display to prove I knew you yesterday, my summer trophies atrophy." THATS FIERCELY BRILLIANT?! and sorta CUNTY?! His version of Bette Davis Eyes is Phantasmagorical. Imagine Bette Davis Eyes played while you take the Wonkatania on your "trip", thats what the song is like. He's doing the Collage Festival in Philadelphia this weekend and Im going. Im excited to see whats new in "WEIRD". Why do I like this trailer? Aside from just being beautiful and smart IT GIVES NO INFORMATION!?!!!! No where, when, how, why...nothing! Thats GENIUS!!! What a better way to share your event with the public then TO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!?! You can buy his songs on iTunes which I did and I don't regret it but I don't know how to do an iTunes link.


Joel said...

David- thanks for this, he's my new favorite artiste! Like the love child of Tim Curry and Ann Miller.

David Mason said...